Asda Fruit and Veg a No go. It’s total Rubbish!


We all have our favourite supermarkets, most of us just travel to the most convenient store at the time. Well, Asda has always been very convenient to us but based on a few incidents over the years, we have decided to boycott them. You may think that a few bits of dry fruit may not warrant this rant but believe me, there are many more reasons, including damage to our property at the hands of these muppets.

I am not even mentioning the mold fairy they seem to put into every punnet of strawberries. In the fridge or out of the fridge, we’ve tried them both, nothing can kill this mofo! It’s funny how our local “locally grown” strawberries from the local strawberry stand never get the green fur on them after a day of taking them away from their mother. I think if I had whinged abount everything to ASDA, my message would have been lost. My message was about their dry clementines but I guess I did go on a bit so the message was lost! I don’t expect a reply so oh well.

Anyway, I am just about to email this to head office…



Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to you with regards to your so called “fresh” fruit.

I have bought Clementine’s from your store on many previous occasions and I can only come to the conclusion that these have been grown in the desert, probably the Sahara due to the fact that they contained no juice whatsoever. If I wanted to consume such a product, I would buy dried fruit and suck on it until I got some juice. In fact, I would get more juice if I put dried fruit though my juicer.

I find it hard to comprehend how stores such as yours can sell such rubbish to “your customers”. Surely you value your customers? (Ok maybe not you, as you just deal in customer complaints and are probably fed up to the back tooth of people bitching about how their packet of Monster Munch was 1g short).

You get where I am coming from surely?  We see endless documentaries on how these third world countries source fresh fruit and how we see them work so hard in getting their precious cargo to our shores.

What they  are not showing is the driver of the lorry is either juicing them and setting up their own orange juice company at the expense of the UK fruit buyer or the fruit is so bad that even people in Ethiopia would not gain any nutritional value by eating one or more of your Clementines.

I am afraid that I will be boycotting your store and shopping at one of your rivals. Although your prices across the board are cheaper, it makes more sense to me to buy from one of your competitors because I buy a lot of fruit and veg. Thankfully for us, we have tastebuds, not that you need them to detect moisture.

I actually stamped barefoot on one of your Clementines  on a tiled floor and I can confirm that not one DROP of juice came out of it.

Five a day? You’ll need 50 a day to get what we need from you guys.

Whilst on the subject of your stores, please let me take you back to 2001. My mother in law was here on a visit from Texas, USA. On ENTRY to your store we were stopped by security as something that was contained in her bag triggered your scally/chav alarm. She was subjected to a bag search and a frisk on your SHOP FLOOR. This is in front of other shoppers.

I have worked as a store detective and such incidents have always warranted taking the suspected “shoplifter” to an office away from the shop floor. Instead, my mother in law was subjected to being searched on the shop floor, AT THE ENTRANCE to your store. I did not realise that ASDA employed ex eastern European female shot putters as shop security.  Whilst she was a brick shithouse, not the sort of “woman”, yes I put woman in quotes, I think she was a woman despite the dodgy stubble,  she was intent on searching us coming INTO your store.

Now normally, I would leave quietly and goto another store based on this kind of treatment. Fact is, back in 2001 your store was open later than all the others. Your eastern European champion found nothing on us because we were entering your store. Had we been part of some international shoplifting gang I am sure that Helga would have found numerous items from the local pound store and maybe the odd litre of petrol cupped in our hands.

Joking aside, and believe me you need to laugh at your store, you need to take a close look at not just your staff and how they treat people but probably more importantly, your produce.

Nobody wants to suck on a dry orange or wait for those avocado pears to ripen when we all know that they never will because they have been picked too soon. Please don’t take the piss out of us. I am very confident that there are thousands of your loyal customers that would not take the trouble of complaining to your company because, “It’s not going to make any difference”. Well, this letter will be going on a very busy blog website. Whilst your company is making millions in profit whilst the ordinary folk, yes, yours customers, are trying to cut costs and make ends meet, companies like yours continue to exploit their customers with cheap crap from which you will still reap profits in the thousands of percent whilst also exploiting the people overseas that produce the food for us. Good on you Asda/Walmart. As for Walmart, being in the States a lot, all I see is people on minimum wage (or close to) with no medical care, in fact, the only people happy are those OAP’s who welcome you into the store and can barely see you because they are 80+ years old. Shame on you, shame on you all!

Oh, and your clementines are dry and contain no juice.

We spend in excess of £9000 per year at your stores alone. I am more than happy to spend a few extra quid a year to ensure quality.

This letter is also being sent to a close friend of mine, who has a column in a national newspaper, and is coincidently, writing a column regarding the treatment of customers by the major supermarkets today. I do have many more gripes with your organisation based on personal experience, including how one of your home delivery drivers managed to demolish and exterior wall and letter box, on our first and only home delivery service.




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  1. Written by Dale
    on 24/01/2011 at 12:13 pm

    Well Said..!!Asda is shite….

  2. Written by Furry
    on 21/04/2013 at 2:55 pm

    Yep, Asda are as bad as Tesco now. Oranges lately ave been tasteless, like thier apples and most other fruit. Vegetables go off within a week. Hell, we’re not even sure of what meat we’re getting now

  3. Written by bob
    on 26/07/2016 at 10:28 am

    Well put

  4. Written by GloryDamico
    on 20/04/2017 at 1:13 pm

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