Is this Proof that Derren Brown’s Apocalypse was Staged and Fake? Is Steve Brosnan an Actor

I have always been a big fan of Derren Brown. I have seen everything he has done. I realise that he’s an “entertainer” and not everything is how it seems. I have just watched Derren Brown’s Apocalypse on catchup TV and I was blown away. It was an amazing show.

However, after a little research is seems that the “victim” could be an actor. The rumours have started on Twitter already and it unfortunately looks like a “stooge” may have been used. If these alegations turn out to be true then I will be gutted and will question everything Derren has done in the past.

Anyway, on with the screenshots.

Lots of people on forums has researched our victim and posted a link to suggest that he was an actor. Pay close attention to the Twitter account link on the screenshot below.

(Edit: This profile has been confirmed as genuine by Steve himself on a YouTube video with Derren Brown).

Steve Brosnan on

Steve Brosnan on Look at the Twitter username. Click to enlarge.


Here is a screenshot of the Twitter account. There is no doubt that this is our man!

Steve Brosnan's Twitter account.

Steve Brosnan’s Twitter account. Click to enlarge.


The profile on has since been changed. His height, weight, eye colour, hair colour, ethnicity all changed which suggests that they know that they have been rumbled. Again take note of the URL bar and the Twitter account link. Also note the haste of the profile edit. He’s described as “Very Large” but his weight is 7 stone.

Steve Brosnan's profile changed to Craig Harwood.

Steve Brosnan’s profile changed to Craig Harwood. Click to enlarge.


If you want further evidence then check out his Facebook page. Filming on the set for a BBC pilot.

Steve Brosnan on Facebook. Starring in an Adam Buxton BBC TV pilot.

Steve Brosnan on Facebook. Filming on the set for a BBC pilot. Click to enlarge.


UPDATE: The profile on has changed again 😀 The Twitter account link has been removed.

Profile has changed again! The Twitter Link has now been removed

Profile has changed again! The Twitter Link has now been removed. Click to enlarge.


All the above 99.9% confirms what I do not want to hear. Make up your own minds about this. Part 2 should be interesting.

The link to his acting profile can be found at although I think that this will probably be deleted at some point.


Also, here is the “disappearing bottles” scene (continuity error?) that people are talking about. Some people claim that the bottles rolled out of shot due to the ambulance moving. You will notice that the ambulance was not moving.




I notice that Channel 4 have stated, “Steven is not and never has been a professional actor.”

We didn’t suggest that he is a professional actor. This would mean that acting is his full time job. Someone that does acting as a hobby or to make a few extra quid in their spare time is NOT a professional actor. Channel 4 are playing this cool but to use the word “professional” makes a lot of difference to this argument. Many people would not know the difference between an “actor” and a “professional actor”.

Derren posts Q&A and tackles the issues raised on this blog:

There are a couple of contradictions for example, saying, “Misleading the public in a TV show is a big deal, and a massive lie like that wouldn’t be permitted by the channel.”

Despite this, he has misled the public before with the “real bullet” Russian Roulette stunt which was later debunked by the police:

Also, Derren used a professional actress in one of his Trick of the Mind TV shows. See:


Derren’s video response on Steve not being an actor. The truth? Denying accusations is not exactly considered to be the “truth”. Do you trust politicians when they deny rumours or allegations?

UPDATE: 30/10/2012:

This webpage has been found at (a Twitter search engine) containing a Tweet from Steve Brosnan:  In case it gets deleted, here is a screenshot. There are lots of deleted photos on the page too.

Did Steve already know the plot of Apocalypse as far back as the 17th August? A Tweet suggests he did as there are a couple of references to the Wizard of Oz, just like on the show itself. Steve was being taken to a gig on the coach a day before his birthday which is the 1st September.

Did Steve Brosnan already know the plot of Apocalypse?

Did Steve Brosnan already know the plot of Apocalypse before filming? Note the Wizard of Oz references and the date of the Tweet.


Watch Derren Brown’s Apocalypse – Part 1 & Part 2 online via Youtube.

Part 1 :

Part 2:

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